4 Things You Didn’t Know About Botox

Will wonders never cease?  Ever since they arrived on the rejuvenation scene in the 1990s, Botox and it’s neuromodulator brethren have been redefining faces. But their powers don’t just stop at releasing the lines of movement for a few months; researchers keep finding out more benefits. Here are some biggies you’ll be happy to learn. […]

Hangover Help for Your Skin

Last night’s partying was a blast. This morning’s brutal headache, Mojave-dry mouth and ashen face in the mirror, not so much. Here’s what to do to make the best of the worst. A hangover is proof positive that nothing, but nothing, in life is free . . . and that’s especially true for fun. In […]

Glow vs. Grease

If both a hydrated glow to the complexion is the opposite of dry skin and oily skin is the opposite of dry skin, does this mean glow and grease are the same thing? WRONG-O! They’re as different as oil and water. While difficult to define exactly, we all know glow when we see it. Science […]