Double Action Acne Factor Attack

Misery loves company.  Acne isn’t just an event.  Rather, it’s a perfect storm of multiple events that happen at the same time, each of which has to be interrupted for x-amount of time in order to win a little complexion clarity. Combining modalities to fight all three acne factors simultaneously is really the only way […]

Timing Your Bikini Body Treatments with SKINxFIVE +CoolSculpting®

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your muffin top. That means your SKINxFIVE CoolSculpting® body fat freezing results won’t show up overnight either. Instead, you’ll start slimming after about three weeks but see the really dramatic improvements later – in one to three months. Still, that’s pretty amazing! Our clients at SKINxFIVE […]

5 Ways a Quick Facial Can Get You the Face You Want

If you’re like most people, you get facials for one of two reasons: you want to look your best for a special event, such as a party, or you want to improve your tired, aged appearance due to a skin condition, such as dry skin or dark spots.

Of course, these are great reasons for having a facial treatment done. But getting one as part of your routine to maintain your radiance is another benefit that you may not have considered.

So this brings up the question – why not? If you spend money with any regularity on trendy shoes or clothes, or if you enjoy going to world-class restaurants or high-visibility social events, why not use some of that money on high-quality facial treatment?