The Anti-Acne/Anti-Aging Treatment Connection

A funny thing happened on the way to the pursuit of younger-looking skin. Back in the day researchers discovered that a rejuvenating topical also helped clear acne as well.  And more recently, studies on an acne-clearing laser showed that it, in turn, left skin looking younger.  So what’s the connection between acne and aging? One […]

How Now Brown Spots?

Lady Macbeth wasn’t the only one who had a problem with spots; we’re not such great fans of the legion of lesions that pop up on our faces, hands and bodies ourselves.  But with multiple causes – age spots from sun exposure, après-pimple smears, pregnancy-induced melasma and an inherited tendency for freckles – are all […]

Double Action Acne Factor Attack

Misery loves company.  Acne isn’t just an event.  Rather, it’s a perfect storm of multiple events that happen at the same time, each of which has to be interrupted for x-amount of time in order to win a little complexion clarity. Combining modalities to fight all three acne factors simultaneously is really the only way […]